Tuesday, 24 August 2010

2 games, 12 goals, I make that Pimms o'clock! - But the hangover will kick in eventually.

So the Champions-elect have got the defence of their title off to an absolute flyer. 2 games, 12 goals, I make that Pimms o'clock!

Undoubtedly, Manchester United fans up and down Torquay will be spouting off about how Chelsea have only faced two relegation favourites, but as the old addage goes - 'You can only beat what's in front of you'. And beat them they did. To a pulp, infact.

Now, there's little chance of things carrying on in the same manner, someone will cripple Didier Drogba eventually - afterall, Stoke travel to Stamford Bridge on Saturday! (*Disclaimer* That comment is in no way reflective of Stoke's style of play or Tony Pulis's approach to the game - ed).

And when the Blues do end up pottering past Pulis' side by just the solitary goal or two, the whines from the nuveau Chelsea followers will ring around The Bridge. Can't wait...

Now, I'm not overly sure where the remainder of this blog is going, infact I'm not overly sure where the already written bits have actually been. It's more of a rant than anything at how the expectations are going to soar and bracing all three people reading this for calls for Ancelotti's head after two dire away draws with West Ham and some unheard of European team.

That's it, my lightbulb has switched on...it's a call for patience and for Chelsea fans, the media and Christine Bleakley to keep their feet on the ground. Chelsea may well go on to win the title, maybe even claim another domestic double, but it's a marathon not a sprint and we've barely seen the back of Greenwich Park.

Certainly, the Blues' start bodes well for the remainder. It's a start no other English top-flight side has benefitted from this season - and I don't just mean in the 'goals for' column. It's a rare sight that only one side has gained maximum points from the opening two fixtures, but one which I'm certainly not comlaining about.

But when Michael Essien picks up his customary long-term injury, when Salomon Kalou remembers that he's not a goalscoring forward and when Wayne Rooney remembers that he is, we'll all be on an even footing again.

And as exciting as it would be for the blue-clad area of London for normal service not to be resumed, the footballing world may benefit from the status quo. (As long as Chelsea still go on to win the League, Cup and Champions League, anyway!)

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